Materials design: key elements for English language teaching in Colombia

Materials design: key elements for English language teaching in Colombia

This book, which is intended for pre-service, novice, and in-service teachers and educators, looks at the key aspects that teachers, as material designers, should bear in mind when creating teaching/learning materials for EFL, thinking about the needs and the particularities of the population. This textbook is divided into twelve elements. The first four elements focus on the initial theoretical aspects that a teacher, as a text designer,

should consider when creating materials. Element five introduces a clear description and differentiation between a teaching and learning objective. The next element, Element six, suggests that although all the English skills can be developed in a single workshop or guide, the material should have a protagonist skill. Element seven is based on the notion that teaching and learning materials, such as workshops and guides, can follow a series

of steps that include a warming up activity, a presentation of the topic, a practice, and a production stage. Element eight describes the importance of instructions in materials design. The last Elements, nine, ten, and eleven, relate to instructional aspects when designing materials. All of these aspects help material developers have a more inviting and well-designed material. Finally, element twelve helps material developers self-evaluate the material they have designed through reflection.

An introduction to the book Materials Design: key elements for english teaching in Colombia by its authors: Bertha Ramos, Jahir Aguirre and Jhonatan Vásquez:

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